Monday, July 30, 2007

How cute is he???

Hey all! Lately Camden has been sporting a new pose that we like to call 'Super Baby'! Check out these pics...

Working on those enormous muscles is a tough job....almost 7 weeks old and trying to impress the ladies already!!

Here is another cute picture in the Cubs outfit from speicial Illinois cousins Christy and Keith. Camden is going to be taught to be a loyal fan right from the start!

Camden is absolutely the joy of our lives...we are loving parenthood. Joel and I can't believe that he is ours! My favorite time with Cam is in the morning when he wakes up. He has the most ridiculous case of bed head you've ever seen...that combined with crusty milk on his face makes him adorable!! He is definitely a hopes that continues until he's 20. :) I love when he furrows his brow....the spitting image of his daddy. A couple of Joel's favorites....during middle of the night diaper changes when Cam is calm and just stares out the window of the changing room with his big blue eyes. Also, when Camden is hungry...Joel puts the tip of his nose near his mouth and he goes to town on the end of Joel's nose. I know, I know...but can anyone really be that surprised? That's mild compared to some of the other things Cam gets put through by his dad. :) Just teasing...Joel amazes me everyday with his patience and wisdom. He seems like he's done this a million times. I'm so blessed to have my two boys! :) God is so good.
Stay tuned to watch the little guy continue to grow!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Getting Bigger!!

Hi friends and family! Camden is now 6 weeks old and growing so fast! He is definitely more awake now, and starting to "talk" a little with a few a-goos and coos here and there. It's amazing how stupid you're willing to act to get him to do something! He is starting to sleep much better at night....last night he went 8 hours!! Shut up!! We're pretty sure it was a fluke, but we think he's a genious anyway. Camden's Mimi told us about a swaddling blanket that helps babies sleep....we like to call it his baby straight jacket. So far it has worked wonders! Just thought we'd pass that tip on to any sleep deprived parents out there! :) Here are some new pictures of our little guy!

Well, since the last time we've posted, Cam thought it would be cool to join his messy buddies Gage and Mason.....however instead of a poop disaster like we've been waiting in anticipation for, he thought it would be funny to catch us by surprise with a little puke. I was so glad Daddy was holding him for that one! It was much funnier! :)

Camden loves spending time with his Aunt Natalie! She gives him lots of kisses and sings fun songs....he is one lucky kid!

Cam and Gage play great together as long as us Mommys are close by....we're pretty sure that's the way it will be until they're 25. :) We see lots of trouble making in the future. Camden looks pretty jealous of the exersaucer, huh? Just a few more of mom's famous milk shakes and you'll be in your exersaucer too, Cam!
Camden took his first plane ride to San Antonio, TX to watch good friends Shane and Beth Fitts get married! He is a great traveler...very go with the flow! We had such a good time with Shane, Beth and their families....San Antonio is a very cool city! Unfortunately, with all the baby gear, and with Daddy busy being Shane's best man...not many pictures got taken with our camera. We think Camden's Papa got some good pictures we'll see what we can do about getting them on the blog. Thanks for being great hosts Shane and Beth!
That's it folks! Until next time....

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Mr Popular!!

Camden has been a busy little boy lately...

Hanging out with his adopted Aunt April & Uncle Ryan. They love him so much. Ryan tries some tough love, but he is a big softy. Cam and I have already had a talk not to listen to his Uncle Ryan. So far, I am 0 for 2. April is already spoiling him rotten...does Louis Vuitton make a baby line?

Next, we all went to a beautiful wedding at the Scottish Rite for one of my classmates, Lesley (Hughes) Woodruff and her new hubby, Jay. Everything was wonderful and we had lots of friends who loved holding and playing with Camden. This is a picture of classmates, Bryan and Crystal. Don't they look nice together!? I feel a new relationship in the air.

Between trips to various places, Cam wanted to take a little R & R time. You know, a little time just for himself. So we ran some warm water, put on a little Kenny G, and closed to the door to the bathroom and let the little guy take some "me" time. What, with always being passed around and so little time away from those overbearing parents of his.

Next, it was off to the lakes, where Camden loves to hang out with cousins Steve and David. We all had so much fun over the 4th of July weekend visting, golfing, swimming, boating, and EATING. Camden already is getting to love Mamaw's cooking and her "little dabs."

Lastly, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join the west side crowd and thug our little boy out in his matching Nike onsie, socks, and stocking cap. I captured this image as he was shouting gang-related slurs at his mom. He is so tough. I wouldn't want to cross him with that attitude and scary demeanor. Camden and his mom both agree, this is not a good look for such a sweet little baby. He is a lover, not a fighter folks! Well, until next time we will keep you updated with pics and stories of the infamous, Camden Zachary.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Not much change...we are still in love

Happy 4th of July!!! Sorry for no updates in a couple of weeks. He is still small and doesn't do a whole lot. That hasn't stopped us from snapping pictures, and every little thing he does we think it is monumental. Of course he is sooooo advanced. He is definately awake more often during the day and sleeping better through the night...and by that I mean he can go as long as 4 hours before a feeding and diaper change. He makes us laugh all the time at his various facial expressions and gestures. I have not gotten anything done around the house since he was born and you can forget about studying for my all important licensure exam (kinda a big deal). All I want to do is come home from work and hang out with my beautiful family.
Hillary is doing GREAT! She looks fabulous and is feeling good as well. Motherhood suites her well. She is so patient and loving. It is tough to always be "on" and feed him/attend to him solely on his schedule, not your own. That has been the biggest adjustment, and to be the only source of comfort for Camden when he is hungry is a tall order. She has done it without complaint. I know I wouldn't be so calm at 2:30 a.m. or at 9:00 p.m. in the middle of wedding with 300 guests! Lauren and Adam, you know what I'm talking about!!! Anyway, we just wanted to send a couple of pictures out that we think are cute and we promise to update more often and include video here before too long.

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!