Friday, July 27, 2007

Getting Bigger!!

Hi friends and family! Camden is now 6 weeks old and growing so fast! He is definitely more awake now, and starting to "talk" a little with a few a-goos and coos here and there. It's amazing how stupid you're willing to act to get him to do something! He is starting to sleep much better at night....last night he went 8 hours!! Shut up!! We're pretty sure it was a fluke, but we think he's a genious anyway. Camden's Mimi told us about a swaddling blanket that helps babies sleep....we like to call it his baby straight jacket. So far it has worked wonders! Just thought we'd pass that tip on to any sleep deprived parents out there! :) Here are some new pictures of our little guy!

Well, since the last time we've posted, Cam thought it would be cool to join his messy buddies Gage and Mason.....however instead of a poop disaster like we've been waiting in anticipation for, he thought it would be funny to catch us by surprise with a little puke. I was so glad Daddy was holding him for that one! It was much funnier! :)

Camden loves spending time with his Aunt Natalie! She gives him lots of kisses and sings fun songs....he is one lucky kid!

Cam and Gage play great together as long as us Mommys are close by....we're pretty sure that's the way it will be until they're 25. :) We see lots of trouble making in the future. Camden looks pretty jealous of the exersaucer, huh? Just a few more of mom's famous milk shakes and you'll be in your exersaucer too, Cam!
Camden took his first plane ride to San Antonio, TX to watch good friends Shane and Beth Fitts get married! He is a great traveler...very go with the flow! We had such a good time with Shane, Beth and their families....San Antonio is a very cool city! Unfortunately, with all the baby gear, and with Daddy busy being Shane's best man...not many pictures got taken with our camera. We think Camden's Papa got some good pictures we'll see what we can do about getting them on the blog. Thanks for being great hosts Shane and Beth!
That's it folks! Until next time....


The Hodges said...

hi you guys! oh my gosh....that was soo much throw up, we couldn't believe that!!! hahah!!! that's so funny! cam is getting so big!!! :) we always love seeing the pictures and hearing the stories. we miss you guys very much!!! We love you!!!!!

Justin and Kate said...

we loved watching him last night he is so adorable and fun!!!! he is getting so big so quick!!!! we love him very much and you both too!!!!!

The Hobbs!!! :)

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!