Monday, July 30, 2007

How cute is he???

Hey all! Lately Camden has been sporting a new pose that we like to call 'Super Baby'! Check out these pics...

Working on those enormous muscles is a tough job....almost 7 weeks old and trying to impress the ladies already!!

Here is another cute picture in the Cubs outfit from speicial Illinois cousins Christy and Keith. Camden is going to be taught to be a loyal fan right from the start!

Camden is absolutely the joy of our lives...we are loving parenthood. Joel and I can't believe that he is ours! My favorite time with Cam is in the morning when he wakes up. He has the most ridiculous case of bed head you've ever seen...that combined with crusty milk on his face makes him adorable!! He is definitely a hopes that continues until he's 20. :) I love when he furrows his brow....the spitting image of his daddy. A couple of Joel's favorites....during middle of the night diaper changes when Cam is calm and just stares out the window of the changing room with his big blue eyes. Also, when Camden is hungry...Joel puts the tip of his nose near his mouth and he goes to town on the end of Joel's nose. I know, I know...but can anyone really be that surprised? That's mild compared to some of the other things Cam gets put through by his dad. :) Just teasing...Joel amazes me everyday with his patience and wisdom. He seems like he's done this a million times. I'm so blessed to have my two boys! :) God is so good.
Stay tuned to watch the little guy continue to grow!

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