Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shake your groove thing...

We're in the Gro-cery store, I'll tell you why! There's a list of things we need to buy....SHOPPING at the grocery store. A loaf of bread and peanut butter spread...who could ask for more? Ok's not quite the same without Boz the Bear singing the grocery store song...but Cam LOVES it no matter who is singing it! Cam is crazy about the grocery store and is hilarious to wheel around in the cart. He especially loves the helium balloons over by the cards. He immediately throws himself back in the cart so he can stare up at them! I'm praying that the day when he starts begging for things is still far away. are some cute pictures from the other day when we were heading out for the grocery. One note from that stupid song and he's all smiles! :) Just a quick reassurance to our far away friends....our son really doesn't have an orange nose in person. Ha!

We're pretty sure that Camden will qualify for the next season of Dancing with the Stars with this move. Look out Drew Lachey....

Spring can't come fast enough for the Novaks....hope everyone is hanging in there!

Sunday, February 24, 2008 know

I know some of this footage may be old, but I wanted to get some video of Camden cracking up and having fun in the tub. We know that we are partial, but he just has the most infectious laugh that we wanted to share.

This is from around Christmas, but still makes us smile. It has been 2 months since these videos were shot, but he still splashes like this in his tub, and still laughs at me when I make a fool of myself.

Hope you all enjoyed the videos...have a great week.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Exploring Everything!

Here are some pictures of Camden's latest "explorations"! He has definitely discovered that we have couches...and everything within reach is fair game to pat, eat, push and knock over.

Whoops...dropped my sock
Line up ladies! Camden's got a new ride!

Discovering presents for cousin Lily! Sorry about the slobber Lily! :)
This is how Cam would look everyday if Daddy was in charge! He loves his Dad!
Camden wants to wish everyone a happy and healthy President's Day! :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bronchitis and Bubbles

Well we have a pitiful sick little baby on our hands. After several days with a nasty runny nose (whenever we approach his face now, he very deliberately pushes us away....that's how much we've wiped that nose!), and junky cough we took him to the doctor. She listened to his chest and decided he had bronchitis. We hate it when Cam is sick....he's just not his active self, and he's not happy doing much at all. Hopefully the round of antibiotics that he's on will kick this thing in the rear! We've been laughing that he looks like Dumb and Dumber with two steady streams of snot coming down his nose! :) We have a couple random pictures and video to share. These first couple crack me up. When we went in to get Cam up the other morning, he had partially undressed himself. Our little "Stud Muffin" as his shirt would indicate, wanted to show a little skin! :) Check out those rolly arms! Camden definitely thinks those are muscles. He can't explain the chins...
Here the boys are chearing for the Super Bowl game.....true Colts fans all the way! :)

Check out this sweet video of Camden enjoying his Valentine bubbles!! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cam is Crawling!!!

Well daddy finally came through and figured out how to get video from our camera onto the computer. I added a firewire drive so we can now put hours of hilarious video of our sweet little boy on the blog!!! Since our last posting, Camden has been crawling for about a week. He went from up on all fours and rocking to this:

Now there is no stopping him. He seemed to just decide one day he was ready to get going and literally took off. He has the whole high arm and leg kick thing going and definately won't sneak up on anyone with his hand smacking the hardwood, but he sure is cute...and scrappy. He will fine a way to get to any ball you roll on the ground in front of him. Yes, this is the first time Cam has made his own way into the dining room and has also ventured into the kitchen. Gate system here we come.

We also wanted to add a video of Camo eating...he isn't shy around a dinner table (aka his highchair). He will let you know if food isn't placed in front of him in a prompt manner. We are working on patience. He sure is a good eater! Here is one of cereal from a few weeks ago, you can tell how excited he gets for every bite.

This is a more recent one with Camden feeding himself some of mommy's pancakes for breakfast.

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!