Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home, Sweet Home!

Kendall is officially 1 week old and I can't imagine life without my precious girl. Joel and I are still in disbelief that we have two kids! It's so nice to be home and attempt to get into a routine with Kendall and Camden. Joel has been an AMAZING help and I want to cry thinking about him going back to work next week! We've kind of taken on a man to man defense around here and I'm having trouble contemplating having both the kids on my own! Say lots of prayers next week! :)

Kendall is a doll and still sleeps most of the time. I love that newborn coma phase!! Camden is adjusting beautifully and loves to give his sister kisses, shove her pacie in her mouth (we're working on it) and turn on her little chair that vibrates. He says..."here Kenal". So cute. My bible study girls and small group girls have arranged for us to have meals brought in 3 days a week until the first week of March! Shut up!! We feel so blessed to have people willing to help us through this transition. Here are some more of my favorite pics from the hospital...

Kendall loves her Daddy already!
Family of four

This is the day we brought Kendall home...
Our little Eskimo all bundled up!

The Grandmas holding the babies....isn't Ikey adorbale, too?

Big brother Cam sneaking a peak.
I love this one! Kendall's little headband slid down during a nap....our little diva needs her beauty sleep mask already! :)

Kendall gets a weight check today, and I have a checkup as well! We'll let you know how everything goes!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome to the Family, Kendall

The day we have anxiously been awaiting is finally here! Little Kendall Jo Novak was born at 7:51 am on Thursday, January 22, 2009. She officially weighed 7lb 13oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. She has so much dark hair that it can hold a bow!!! I can also spike it into a mohawk, which is not exactly what Hillary had in mind for her sweet baby girl's hairstyle. We love her so much already, it is truly amazing. She has a pretty dark complexion and a round face and rarely opens her eyes. When we swaddle her she looks just like a little Eskimo! She is so sweet. God has his hand on our lives and our children, and we feel blessed to have this opportunity to grow our family. Both Hill and Kendall are doing great and loving each other. Camden loves his new sister so much and has given her several kisses...he does, however, keep calling her "Ikey" which is his almost 4 month old little cousin. Pretty cute. Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes, as they were much needed. Well, here are some much anticipated pictures. Enjoy and more to follow.
Hillary in her gown and ready to deliver (C-section prep much more laid back than active labor as you can see).
I accepted the girly addition to the family and am sporting a rather flattering pink boa for the occassion.
Natalie (Hillary's sister) decorated Kendall's crib with a pink boa and plaque displying the title of "Princess"
Hillary meeting Kendall for the first time while on the operating table (priceless!)
Me getting to hold Kendall for the first time (equally priceless)

Our precious little girl...look at all that black hair!! She is so sweet, but she has a set of lings on her, don't be fooled.

Finally, Camden gets to meet his new baby sister and gives a big kiss. He even gave her a pacifier later as a peace offering...we'll see how long that lasts. Well, for now, that is all I have time to post. Gotta run back to the hospital and be with my little girl and AMAZING wife! We are happy to see and visit with anyone who wants to come by. Again, thanks for all your prayers.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pretty in Pink!

Two weeks in between posts....we're getting better! :)
I'm so lucky that my sweet sisters and girlfriends wanted to make sure that Kendall was set with some ruffles and pink before her big birthday on Thursday! Otherwise, our little girl would've been swaddled in baseball blankets and sucking on blue pacifiers! :) They threw me the most adorable pink pajama party complete with pink feather boas for each guest, a princess Kendall cake that left me speechless, and more girl clothes than we could've ever hoped for! Unless you've been 9 mo. pregnant, you can't understand how amazing it was to have a baby shower where it was acceptable to wear your pj's!! Check out some of the pics....
All the adorable hostess'

Little blurry....but still so cute! April found all the Disney "baby" princesses. Kendall will be in heaven when she's old enough to play with them!

Natalie's fireplace was decorated with Kendall's initials (on glitter paper :)) and 4 of the most adorable outfits I've ever seen!

Joel and I stayed up so late that night going back through everything and oohhhing and awwing over all the fun gifts. Ok, so I did all the ohhing and awwing, but Joel did stay up late. :) Thank you to my sweet friends and family who were able to celebrate Kendall at the pj party!

Here are some pictures of Kendall's nursery!
The little sign to the left of the window says..."Child of God, Child of Mine"

All her furniture, except the crib, was mine growing that feels really special! Mom worked really hard to make the fabric covered stool for her vanity.

We're definitely girlified and ready to welcome our daughter into the world on Thursday at 7:30 am! 5 more days!! Yikes! Ok, I realize that it's really 6 days, but it's my blog and I get to count the way I want. Today is almost over, so you can't count Friday. Thursday is the big day, so you can't count it either. See how that works? 5 more days. My goal is to get one more post on before then....but you know how that goes! If not, Joel will be on at the end of the week with pictures of our baby! Love you all!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Family, Christmas, New Year's & The Rest!

Well, well, well. I guess we should be kicked off the blogger website from lack of recent entries, but until we get official notice, here is the latest with us! Hillary has been super busy growing a little baby, chasing an 18 month old, shaping the minds of 6th graders, and keeping our new home in order. Can you believe that we will be adding another addition to our family in just 3 short weeks!! We have some great pictures from Christmas and being together wth family. Here you go...

Camden helped decorate the tree. For every ball (bulb) he placed (tossed) in the tree, he took three off. It was fun anyway though. The tree decorating eventually lead to this picture...not Hillary at 36 weeks pregnant, but the gate around our lovely Christmas tree. Doesn't it all just say, "Happy Birthday, Jesus."

Cam got some great presents this Christmas. He LOVES his drum set from Aunt April and Uncle Ryan. Thanks for the gift of noise, guys! Just joking, it is so fun to watch him play.

He also got to spend some quality time with cousin Lily and cousin Gage. You can see that they have different relationships. Cam and Gage play with their new light sabers from Uncle Josh, while Camden and Lily share a Christmas kiss.
The kids were all so cute playing with their new toys and giving big thank you hugs and kisses to everyone!

We are so blessed to have wonderful kids and great families and friends to share our love and happiness with. Thank you for keeping up with our blog and our lives, even if we have been delayed with updating everyone. May your 2009 be filled with joy, prosperity, and unfailing love for everyone in your lives.

I had to add in a picture of Camden showing baby Kendall how much he loves her already and can't wait to meet her. Hurry up, sis, I got alot to show you!

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!