Sunday, October 18, 2009

100th Post!

Our 100th post on this blog. Who knew we would have so much to say and share. Our kids have continued to grow and make us laugh often. We have had a very eventful past month. Kendall is really getting around quickly, crawling all over the place. She is pulling up on anything that is stationary...and some things that aren't. As you can see, she still has some issues with reaching and forgetting to take a step. I think the splits are her way of stretching before her activities (just like daddy tells his patients).

I was in charge of helping Camden wind down before bedtime the other night. Usually that entails reading books, playing puzzles, watching a movie, singing songs. This night, however, I thought a little football was in order. He LOVED the tackling part the most! Needless to say, I am no longer in charge of night time activities.

So, you know how when we were kids and were lucky enough to get the opportunity to lick the beater when mom was making cookies, or brownies, or muffins, or cake? Well, my son has taken it to a new art. He convinced his mom to "help you, mommy" by getting her to let him sit on the counter and assist. This assistance included putting his hands in the batter to mix, putting equal parts of mix on the counter and the floor, then finishing up with a chance to lick the beater. But not how you and I remember it. When his beater was licked clean, he simply dipped it back in the bowl! Great strategy, son.

Also, having "baby stuff" around has allowed Cam to regress into hopping back into the exersaucer to re-live his youth. We are so proud.

Cam and Kendall had the amazing opportunity to ride on April's horse, Hot Dog. They LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. Petting, feeding, riding, and cheering on Hot Dog was such a highlight of their late summer activities. A big thanks to Aunt April for letting our kids hang out at the stables. They had a blast.

Today was ZOO BOO at the Indianapolis Zoo. Camden didn't take a good nap because he was too excited to sleep, knowing that he was going to get to go see the animals. He loved seeing the
monkeys, bears, lions, fish, penguins, snakes, and giraffes. But his alltime favorite was seeing the cows and feeding the ducks! That's right, all the exotic animals we pay to go see, and my son just wants to feed the ducks. At least he had a good time. Kendall just wanted to pull on Cam and be held most of the time, but she was a cute dalmation!

The last two pics are just our two kids having fun playing together. Kendall would follow Camden to the end of the Earth right now. She will crawl after him anytime he gets up and moves, and you can imagine how often that is with a 2-year old boy! They make us smile more than they make us want to pull our hair out. So, the scales are tipped in their favor. We are loving being parents to these two wonderful kids. We hope all is well with everyone out there still following our humble little blog. We love you and God bless.

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!