Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dear Kendall...

September 20, 2009

My sweet Kendall,

Today, as we dedicate you to the Lord, I want you to know how much I love you. From the minute we knew you were going to be born, Dad and I started praying. Praying for your safe arrival, praying that Camden would love you too, praying that we'd be the kind of parents you'd need, and most importantly praying that you'll grow to understand just how much Jesus loves you. His love for you, Kendall, is immeasurable and when you put your trust in God, He will lead you to great things. Kendall, you are such a lucky little girl to have so much support from lots of friends and family. You can't even begin to know how many people love you and pray for you! We are so blessed to have people all around us committed to helping us raise you to be a strong Christian woman! So many precious things about Pastor Lyon's prayer stand out to me Kendall. I want you to remember these things...

You are a priceless expression of God's creative genious and you were imagined by Him!
We pray that God will honor you because of the promises Dad and I made today.
We pray that you will be safe and the enemy will not touch or harm you in any way.
May you grow strong and someday choose Jesus for yourself!
When you find Mom and Dad, may you also know you'll find the living Christ.

Kendall, Dad and I will continue to pray for you as you grow into a young lady, making decisions all by yourself. We are so confident that as you seek Jesus prayerfully, with a joyful and thankful heart, the precious plans for your sweet little life will be unfolded. We picked a bible verse especilly for you, Kendall, when you were born. 1 Thessaloninans 5: 16-18 says....Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God's will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. What precious words to live by!

I couldn't be more proud of you today, Kendall! I love you so much!


Newells said...

How precious! She looks like the baby on the gymboree website in that outfit! Too cute.

Trav, Jess, and Aden Daugherty said...

So sweet Hil...made me want to cry. We miss you guys!! Hope things are good. Let's try to plan a date soon!

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!