Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthdays, Doctors, and More!

Our precious niece, Lily, turned 1! It's unbelievable how fast that year went! She is the sweetest little smiley and good natured. She and Cam have so much fun playing together. Brytni and Jason put together an ADORABLE flower-themed birthday party. The weather was gorgeous and we had so much fun celebrating Lily's first year! Is this not the cutest picture???? We love that little girl...and her mom and dad, too!
Miss Kendall checked out great last week at her 2 mo check up. She is weighing in at a healthy 11.5 lbs and is 23 1/4 inches long....both ranking in about the 75th%. We're so proud of her! I have to give a shout out to Ashley Sommer with Simply Bow~licious Bow~tique for adding to Kendall's cute factor with this adorable headband/bow. I went a little crazy on Ashely's website buying all kinds of oversized bows, flowers, hats and tu-tus to accessorize sweet Kendall. Thanks Ashley!

I never know what Camden will get into while I try and steal 15 min to put myself together in the morning. Sometimes it's my makeup....sometimes our it was Joel's glasses. If that boy isn't the spitting image of his Daddy....

We've blogged before about how into hats Cam is......he INSISTS that we all wear one at all times. Finding all the hats is seriously the first thing he does when he wakes up! I caught some cute pictures of him putting one on Kendall this morning.

Back to work tomorrow!! This maternity leave has FLOWN by! I'm excited to see my students and get back into the swing of school, but I'm a little nervous about the transition back intobeing a working mommy! :) Joel and I are counting down the days until our "date weekend" in Chicago coming on FRIDAY!!! Topping our to-do list is eating a peaceful meal....sitting down....and not holding a baby. Ha! Also, sleeping later than 6:30 and getting ready without little people at our feet!!!! Have a great week!


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

the kiddos are precious! i'm just so happy for you!

i'll be praying for you tomorrow when you go back to work. feel free to pass along any advice to me... i'm getting nervous! :)

the date weekend sounds awesome. i'm sure i'll find out soon how much i crave a good weekend away!

orahoods said...

Love the pics, as always! FYI: Aaron and Camden can be twins with those PJs;) So cute. Beautiful babies, for sure...well done and enjoy your much-deserved weekend!

John and Sue Anderson said...

How cute, your kids are adorable and Cam is a spitting image of Joel! I hope that going back to work goes well for you, we will be thinking and praying for you. Take care!

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!