Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home, Sweet Home!

Kendall is officially 1 week old and I can't imagine life without my precious girl. Joel and I are still in disbelief that we have two kids! It's so nice to be home and attempt to get into a routine with Kendall and Camden. Joel has been an AMAZING help and I want to cry thinking about him going back to work next week! We've kind of taken on a man to man defense around here and I'm having trouble contemplating having both the kids on my own! Say lots of prayers next week! :)

Kendall is a doll and still sleeps most of the time. I love that newborn coma phase!! Camden is adjusting beautifully and loves to give his sister kisses, shove her pacie in her mouth (we're working on it) and turn on her little chair that vibrates. He says..."here Kenal". So cute. My bible study girls and small group girls have arranged for us to have meals brought in 3 days a week until the first week of March! Shut up!! We feel so blessed to have people willing to help us through this transition. Here are some more of my favorite pics from the hospital...

Kendall loves her Daddy already!
Family of four

This is the day we brought Kendall home...
Our little Eskimo all bundled up!

The Grandmas holding the babies....isn't Ikey adorbale, too?

Big brother Cam sneaking a peak.
I love this one! Kendall's little headband slid down during a nap....our little diva needs her beauty sleep mask already! :)

Kendall gets a weight check today, and I have a checkup as well! We'll let you know how everything goes!


orahoods said...

She is absolutely too sweet...and so is her big brother! I can't believe all that bow-ready hair! Hillary, I hope you're feeling well. I can only imagine how it is to be recovering with an 18 month old! I'll be picking your brain someday when I'm at round 2;) Hope to see you all soon!

brent, jess, mason & cash said...

hi my beautiful best friend! oh hillary...nobody should look that pretty at the hopsital! you look great...and your family of four is just as beautiful! i can't believe you have two kids, either! HAHA! it's so crazy, i just know the transition will go smoothly, i'll be especially praying for you next week when joel goes back to'll do great! i love and miss you so much! jess

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

2 kids! 2 wonderful parents! we're praying for y'all in this exciting time of transition.

i got confirmation that the tu tu was delivered. :) so hopefully it was actually delivered to YOU and not someone else somewhere. pay pal is scary sometimes. :)

adam and elizabeth said...

CONGRATS on the birth of Kendall! you all look great and soo happy! hope all is going well!

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!