Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why a Son Needs a Dad....

Camden and I are blessed beyond words to have Joel as daddy and hubby! :) He is the ultimate helper around here...never asking what needs to be done, just jumping right in and doing it! Joel plays Mr. Mom EVERY morning that I work and gets Camden up, fed, and off to the babysitter. I can't even describe how much I appreciate those few extra minutes to myself those mornings. Even better, more Saturdays than not, I get to sleep an extra few minutes while he gets up with Cam! It melts my heart to watch the two of them play together on the floor. Camden lights up whenever Joel enters a room, and then Joel says "that's a good smile!" absolute favorite!!! One of the most special books I've read is called "Why a Son Needs a Dad" by Gregory Lang. Here are some of my favorites....


to show him affection with out hesitation.
to teach him to apologize for reckless words.
to pull him back when he's headed in the wrong direction.
to listen when others have grown tired of listening.
to take him to the ballpark.
to show him how to love others, even when it's hard.
to teach him that family is more important than work.
to be the standard by which he will later measure himself.
to teach him how to be a good husband.

A Son needs a Dad because without him, he will have less in his life than he deserves.

My prayer is that Camden grows to be even a fraction of the man that his Daddy is. Thank you Lord for my incredible husband.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Rotten Little Baby! :)

Changing Camden's diaper is next to impossible anymore! After discovering that he loves to be on all fours, he wants NOTHING to do with laying on his back. Distracting him with a toy while we try to get the job done lasts 3 seconds at the most. We've retrieved many a toy, pacifier, shoe, etc from behind the dresser! Joel is getting really good at putting the diaper on from this position....Mom still needs some work....but I'm a pro at dressing him like this now! :) Don't worry, I'm ALWAYS winner at the "not it" game when we smell poop! Joel's the sucker everytime! Ha! All these new toys from Christmas, and our sweet boy wants to play with a rag. I'm thinking I have a future floor polisher on my hands. Can't wait to assign those chores! :)

Mom, I'm busy...quit bothering me!

Camden wants me to tell anyone who was thinking of buying him a toy that he'd rather have a new Swiffer and some Oragne Glo floor polish.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Birthdays, ear infections and new food!!

Sorry it's been so long since we've last posted! Cam has had a busy week and a half!
Cousin Gage turned the big 1 and he loved eating the icing from his cake! We were sure he was going to finish the whole thing! Smart move, Nat and Adam taking his shirt off....Gage, you're the coolest 1 year old we know! Cam had so much fun playing at the party. Hadleigh Cherry is such a little looker! Camden was infatuated with her!

You can't tell it from all these smiley pictures, but we've been going through our first round of ear infections/cold. He's on a couple antibiotics and we can tell things are looking better! Camden's been a trooper, though! Aside from sleeping a TON (like 4 hr naps!!), he's been pretty easy going. Here's our happy guy in the tub!

While he's a little closer each day, Cam isn't crawling yet. He can scoot anywhere though...pretty hilarious. Camden is a little goat...eating ANYTHING that is offered to him. He loves it ALL! His new favorite grown up foods are pancakes, baked potatoes, and scrambled eggs. 7 months old and getting so big!! Check out our little GQ baby before church on Sunday! :) We're not sure what's up with the orange nose in all our pictures....too many carrotts maybe??? Oh well, we'll keep him. Have a great week!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Random Pictures!

Looking through the camera, we noticed lots of random pictures that I thought I'd post! Enjoy!
Hanging out with Aunt Brytni. Cam is covering that sweet little belly, but we can't wait to meet little Lily!
Little spit up accident with cousin Justin. He was dangerously close to getting some mac n cheese right in the mouth. Look carefully and you'll see it still on his face! Opps!!!

Lounging with Cousin Kate! She's so fun!

Nose kisses with Papa Novak

Keep praying that the day our sweet baby climbs out of this crib is still very far away!

Check out the new Colts jammies complete with hat and booties! Thanks Cousin Lauren and Adam!!

Cam loves brushing those two tiny teeth!

Good habits start early, right?? :)

Cam's new cool Nikes are a special present from the Docks....thanks guys!

We also want to wish cousin Gage a big HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!!!! Can't believe how big you are! Stay tuned for pictures of the fun Boz party tomorrow.....Camden is so excited he can hardly wait! :)

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!