Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Holy cow...I can't believe our last post was September 2nd!! So sorry about that! I have no idea where September went! We've had the craziest month at our house. Hang in there....there's a lot to catch up on!! September 10th, we took Dad to the emergency room with a really swollen and red leg. Turns out he had a weird leg infection that caused him to be in the hospital for over a week and another week of home recovery. This week was his first week back to work and he's feeling much better. All the ladies in his life are making sure he's taking it easy! :) Thanks for your prayers for my Dad!

September 12th, we welcomed a perfect, beautiful and precious little nephew Isaac Paul Farmer in to the world! It was very hard not having Dad there with us to celebrate Ike's little life, but we definitely had the computers hooked up for a much needed ichat where Dad could see Ike and Nat and talk for a minute. Big brother Gage is adjusting great and is very loving to the baby! Holding Isaac makes Joel and I SOOOOO excited to meet Kendall!

Nat and Adam weren't even home a week before they had to take sweet Ike back to the hospital with a high fever. They ran lots and lots of invasive tests including a spinal tap to rule out anything dangerous and kept Isaac for 48 hours to observe him. He's home now and is doing much better! Thanks for your prayers over him, too!

We're hoping everyone in our family stays well so they can help us move in a week!! We actually close on our house Friday and we have lots of home improvement plans over the next week before we move all our things. Lets just say every spare moment and each nap Camden takes has been filled with packing packing packing. I'm definitely never moving again! :) We're so excited and feel so blessed to have our health and a new place to call home!

Camden is a talking machine saying words like pretty, Mommy, poopy, Daddy (oh I'm already working on teaching him to string those four together), bible, amen, car, bath, ball, apple. So cute to hear him and watch him learn! Kendall has definitely decided to make her grand appearance! Belly pictures on another day. :) Check out the latest of our little guy and family...

Big boy with Daddy's shoes

Playing with pretty cousin Lily!

My boys being lazy eating yummy cookie dough!

The rest of these pictures are from last weekend's trip to the pumpkin patch! It was so great to spend some quality family time together since things have been so crazy lately! :)

Camden waking up the poor chicks!

Where am I??

Looking for a pumpking with Dad...

.....and Mom.

My personal favorite...Camden milking a cow.

Whew...that was September!! Hopefully you haven't quit checking the blog. I promise to be better! New house pictures soon! :)


april said...

How cute is he! Each month seems to move faster than the last. Can't wait for the big move...I am ready to do what I can to help. Talk to you soon, love you guys.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

oh my goodness!!! i can't believe how BIG he has gotten. seriously in comparison to last month's pictures, he's huge! i'm so happy for you all. i love it when you update the blog.

hill-- though i only saw half of your face and all of your gorgeous hair, you're looking amazing! i can't wait to see belly pictures.

i hope the move goes well. it's a pain, but so worth it. todd says that i'm a moving maniac because after two days in the house i had every single box unpacked and everything put in its place. want me to come help you??? :)

i'm so happy that ike and your dad are doing well. i love you all!!!


John and Sue Anderson said...

So glad to hear things are going well for you, and that you were able to sell your house. We hope that things continue to go well and we love reading your blog! Take care and we miss seeing you.

The Andersons<><

the hodges clan said...

oh my goodness!!!! i loved the blog update, don't worry i haven't given up on checking, i would still look at your blog like everyday! HEHEH! I miss you SO MUCH!!!! hillary, you do look beautiful! and i can't believe how grown up camden is looking!! he's so handsome!!!!!!! GOSH, i wish we could see you guys so much. i love you and can't wait to talk to you, soon and catch all up!!!!!! jess

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!