Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Camden meets cousin Lily!

I'll keep the talk short this time, as we have tons of pictures to share from our fun weekend up north to see baby Lily and her mommy and daddy! Camden was a great boy and had so much fun giving Lily open mouth kisses (what a fun story that will be later!!). We continue to be amazed at Brytni and Jason's hospitality and go with the flow attitude just days after bringing home a newborn....amazing! Ok...enjoy!

How did I get stuck with the big one?

It was so sweet to watch Joel and Bryt together with their babies!

You want me to paint your toenails? Ok baby Lily. :)

Loving on Meme and Papa Novak

Camden and his good buddy Bailey

We also wanted to share some videos we took over the weekend of our kid's infectious laugh. Hope they make you smile like they do for us! :) Have a great week!


the hodges clan said...

hahah! aww, those videos of cam laughing are just precious! i love his little laugh! SO cute...man, we miss you guys! what would we do without our blogs?? i just really don't know, i check yours everyday of my life! love you guys! jess

Erin and Todd said...

i've seriously watched these videos 5 times, called my parents and had them watch it (while i listened to them laugh on the phone), and just had Todd come watch. i can't catch MY breath because i'm laughing so hard at camden. thank you for sharing!

Justin and Kate said...

those babies are sooooooooo cute! im glad you all had such a good time up there! Little Lily is already getting big!!!! hope to see you guys soon! we love ya!

april said...

He can't get any cuter....Can't wait to see you guys..Love ya

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!