Thursday, November 29, 2007

Busy boy!

Hey guys...Camden here! I had such a fun morning today, that I wanted to tell you all about it! It all started when I woke up and discovered something new and green in the corner of MY area. Just so you know, even though it looks pokes. :)Then I saw a shiney angel....I almost had it!

All this playing made me ready for my morning nap! This is my new favorite way to sleep...with my cute butt in the air. Ooopss...not allowed to say butt.

When I woke best buddy Gage was over to play for awhile! Our favorite things to do are wrestle and watch Boz. This is us starting to wrestle. Don't think I won't bust that lip again, Gage. :)

Gage, I can't see Boz over you!!

Aren't we good boys???

Before Gage had to go home, we had time for one book!

What a fun morning! I heard mom talking to daddy on the phone and she said it seemed like it should be dinner time....and it was only 8:30!! Wonder what that means?? Oh well....check you later.


Erin and Todd said...

look at those boys being so sweet! i love the one of camden trying to see over gage!

merry 1st christmas, camden! and merry christmas, hillary and joel!

love y'all!

rene said...

oh my!! Isn't it soo sweet having your first Christmas with your favorite boys! AWWW! Cam is sooo cute! Can't wait to see him on Sunday! missa you guys!

Cristin said...

You have such a precious little boy Hil and Joel! I loved looking at your pictures. I hope y'all have a great first Christmas w/ Camden!

the hodges clan said...

hi novak family! oh how we miss you guys!!! i wish so much we could be together for our traditional new years party! :( we will miss you so much! these pictures of cam and gage are adorable, cam's looking so grown up!!! we love you guys soooo much! jess

Robin said...

Your blog make me remember both Peyton and Gavin's first Christmas seasons and how awesome they were! This will be our first Christmas that I am not pregnant or have a new baby experiencing their "first" since 2003! Ha!

Great pics of Camden, he is such a good lookin' kid!

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!