Thursday, October 25, 2007

cute pics to come!

Hey all! So sorry we haven't posted in a couple's been busy! We're headed to Traverse City Michigan for a long weekend with Mom, Dad, Josh and the Farmer clan! So excited to get out of town and relax. We'll make sure to post cute vacation pictures next week when we return! Happy Fall Break! :)
Joel, Hill, and Cam

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John and Sue Anderson said...

Hey Hillary,

How did Cam do with his shots, did he get fussy? I hope that he is over them and is doing great. Oh, how is the cereal coming, is he liking it better? Hope to hear from you soon, have a great break!

Sue Anderson<><

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!