Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pros & Cons of having an older cousin

First of all, let me tell you how much little Camden LOVES his older cousin, Gage. They have so much fun playing together, talking, and most recently sharing. Camden really enjoys all the cool clothes that he gets handed down from his bigger cousin. That way, they both can be lady killers in style. We think they are both so adorable in their little outfits and I have to keep reminding Cam's mom that he is not a doll, and he wants to wear Cubs and Colts gear (he told me that...we speak the same language). The big con to sharing...we are pretty sure Gage has soiled himslef while wearing the aforementioned cool clothes. Not the best way to hold up your status as lady killers, guys! Anyway, how cute does he look???
Lately, Cam has been a talking fool. He chatters on in his own little language and especially goes on and on when he is trying fight the dreaded nap or bedtime. I think he is trying to talk himself out of it. No such luck. Hillary feeds him, puts him on her lap, and cracks open a good book. Sounds like a recipe for sleep to me. I have such a wonderful little family and am so blessed by them everyday. God is good. Just a quick little update to brag on my kid again. Hopefully, some more Colts and POSTSEASON-BOUND Cubs pics to follow. Keep your fingers crossed!!


Erin said...

it was so great to see all of you this weekend and to meet camden! he's so adorable and i'm so happy for your little family! you all look great and i know that the best times are ahead for the novaks!

now i'm all wrapped up in your blog and i need to be working!

John and Sue Anderson said...

Hey Novaks,

I love reading your blog, you guys are so much more creative than we are....we also had a wonderful time the other night, we must do it again soon. Your little guy is so cute and we are thankful he helped the colts win! I hope you are doing well and we look forward to talking to you soon.

Love,The Andersons

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!