Wednesday, March 28, 2007

30 week belly!!

30 weeks along, and I have definitely moved from a "bump" to a "belly"! Camden is growing so fast...we are noticing big changes everyday. According to our latest doctor's appointment on Tues., he is approx. 3 lbs. and 17 in. long, with a super strong heart beat of 141. Both he and I are right on track. Joel and I are amazed each visit by what a miracle this whole process is! The 10 week countdown has begun! Cam loves to kick me(hard!) on the right side in the ribs when I'm laying down. We can actually see my belly jumping! Joel thinks he's trying to get outta there! :) I disagree....I think I've made a sweet little home for him. Joel has been replaced at night by my favorite body pillow. LOVE that thing! :) I'm working on some negotiating strategies to keep it even after Camden is born. As each week passes, we are growing more and more anxious about meeting that little guy!

Things I can't wait to do post-pregnancy

1. Drink coffee everyday (and every other source of caffeine)
2. Where pants that zip
3. Sleep in any position BUT my side
4. Play with my precious baby

Things Joel can't wait for about post-pregnant Hill
1. A wife that doesn't grunt whenever she changes positions
2. Losing that body pillow!
3. No more burping (at least from Hill...Cam burping is no biggie)
4. Not hearing "but I'm pregnant!" :)

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Amy said...

you are SO cute!!! i'm glad things are right on track with you and baby... i'm so excited to meet him!! jon and i can't wait to see you guys in chicago!!!

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!