Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ready, Set, Catch Up!

We have no excuse for the poor job we've done posting in the last 7 weeks other than we've been up to our neck (actually over our head) in wallpaper scraping, painting, tiling and growing babies around here. :) Our house is coming along slowly but surely! Joel is amazing....he works long hours at work everyday and then comes home and works on our house every night! Our goal has always been that by the holidays we'd be finished and ready to focus on our expanding family (which we've barely thought about...yikes). We're just pushing that back from the Thanksgiving holiday to the Christmas holiday. Ha! You'll have to check out what we've done so far in the background of some of these pictures. Thank you thank you thank you to all our family who has been over here helping! Mom informed me a couple weeks ago that...."this is the last house". Ha! We're so blessed to have willing helpers!

Camden is growing and learning so much. He says something new everyday, it seems like! Right now he is on a big "no" kick. Everything is "no"! Did you sleep good? No. Are you hungry? No. Are you Camden? No. His favorite thing to do is play with something he knows he's not allowed to touch, all the while pointing his finger and saying "no-no"! So funny! He's also really into having LONG conversations on the phone....we're SOO OVER play phones, it has to be the real thing. Auntie April gave us an old cell phone that still works, so he loves pretending!

Kendall is growing too! Aunt Brytni gave us about 100 boxes of Lily's clothes, so we're in the process of sorting. It's so fun sitting on the floor surrounded by girlie, lacy, pink! :) We only have about 8 more weeks until we meet her! Let me try and catch you up over the last 7 weeks with our latest pictures....
Happy Halloween! Our little monkey clutching the Snickers....just like his Mommy!
Cousin Gage the Dragon helped Cam rake in the candy

Camden swiping candy from sweet bumble bee Lily...we're so proud of him.

Playing outside on a beautiful fall day....
Cam wants to be just like his daddy...we caught him "painting" in his bathroom right before a bath. Adorable!
Camden pointing out pictures to Daddy in our new Hearth room...which is a shared room with the kitchen. How about that funky Avacado wall?

30 weeks and growing in our new Living Room! Dining room is on the far end, too!

We hope this finds everyone happy and healthy! Enjoy your Thanksgiving week with food and family....I promise the next time you hear from us won't be when Kendall's born!

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!