Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer is here!

The holiday weekend has been packed with fun at the Novak house! Our beloved home away from home, the good 'ol Dolphin Club opened on Saturday! We packed up (the whole house it seemed like) and spent the day splashing around. Camden didn't know what to think at first....the water felt pretty much like a melted ice cube! Even though he wasn't too interested in getting wet, he had a great time crawling around and watching cousin Gage!
Our little pretty boy doesn't like scraping his knees! I don't blame him one bit! :)

After a good nap on Saturday, we headed to the lakes with Joel's family! It was great to relax and catch up with everyone over beautiful weather and wonderful food!

Here's Cam hanging out on the lawn...after the cold pool, I wasn't about to put him in the lake! :)
Snuggling with Mom.....
...and Dad!
It was great to spend time with precious Lily too! She is a sweet toe-headed angel! Camden is a wild child compared to that little one! :)
Reading a book in a chair that was Papaw's as a little boy
I think it's funny we're all looking in the wrong direction....but still cute of the two little families!

We came home from the lakes on Sunday night and are closing out the weekend with another Royer family dinner on Monday! I'm getting used to other people feeding my family every night! :)

We hope everyone had an awesome long weekend!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pass the remote...

Sorry it's been so long since we've updated! I didn't manage to take one Mother's Day picture...but I had such a blessed day! It can't get any better than having my bed-headed baby hand me a card! :) Joel has already set a great example to Camden about how to treat his mommy on Mother's Day! I'm one lucky girl!

Lately Camden has been REALLY into all our remote controls. The other morning, he kept changing the TV off of the Today show onto ch. 9. I would continue to change it back, only to find it switched again. Once he was down for his morning nap, I tried to change it back to Matt Lauer and a message popped up informing me that my 11 mo. old child had recorded ch. 9 and I couldn't change it!!!! That stinker! :) He continues to make us laugh each day! No more head-way on the walking....but he's getting there! Lots of fast cruising and pushing his lawn mower.
Here are some of our latest pics....
Remotes in hand

Looking a little mischievous

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Best Buddies....most of the time!

Cam and his cousin Gage spend most days of the week together....whether at the babysitters, playdates with their mommy's, or dinner and The Office at the Farmer house, the boys always have a great time playing. Camden looks up to his big cousin so much...constantly following him back and forth as Gage tries to escape! Nat, Adam, Joel and I love watching them together and thinking about what they'll be like as they get older. We're so blessed to be close to one another and raise our families together! Here are some random pics of the boys hanging out....

Mesmerized by something outside...

Getting into Aunt Nerdalie's Arbonne...apparently it's delicious

Fighting over a toy...they're working on conflict/resolution. :)

Trying to figure out how to GET OUT! :)

"What the heck? Why doesn't Cam have to use a fork??"

Is that not Adam Farmer and Joel Novak in the tub, or what? Hilarious!

We love you, Farmers! We can't wait to snuggle baby Isaac in a few short months! :)

The Novaks...

Camden loves to smile, laugh, and be a busy boy. Kendall has her daddy right where she wants him!!